Unfortunately it’s been too cold to ride this past month. Too cold even to haul the horses to the indoor arena. I am seriously missing my horse time. However, if I can’t ride I can still spend my down time looking for my “unicorn”. Still fairly new to the horse world this search has proven to be quite an adventure. I spend as much time researching horse lingo as I do looking for “the one”. Occasionally I liken myself to Morpheus searching for Neo in “The Matrix”.

Thankfully the internet has been an exceptional tool. I’ve found a few favourite sites that I stalk regularly that list horses in my discipline and area. There have been several possibilities that I inquired on but have yet to find one I’m serious enough about to travel to see. With the exception of one. I thought he was my “Dream Horse”.  The one I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. When I saw him listed I couldn’t believe my luck! He was the perfect size, training, age, gender, price, location and to top all that he was a Palomino! He was Everything I wanted!!  I jumped on it and contacted the seller, only minutes after the ad had been posted. She sent me some video of him. He looked great! She mentioned she would be doing a jumping lesson with him on the weekend, so I asked if I could come watch. She enthusiastically agreed. I couldn’t wait for Sunday to arrive! It would be a three hour drive in January in the Canadian Prairies to go see him but I was smitten!

Finally Sunday arrived! I jumped out of bed at six a.m. I would need to leave by seven to arrive in time for her lesson. I checked the weather as I’m cautious of the driving conditions at this time of year. In bright red alerts were “Ice Fog Warnings” travel not recommended. My heart dropped.  I looked outside – it couldn’t really be that bad! Unfortunately it really was that bad – I couldn’t even see the house across the street… maybe it would clear later in the day? If I couldn’t make it to the lesson maybe I could still go see him? I checked the hourly forecast. It was supposed to be socked in all day and into the evening. I checked the weather along the three hour route. If it cleared down the road maybe I could creep along cautiously for a bit until it was clear? Nope. There were travel warnings the whole route and lasting into evening. I messaged her to let her know I would be unable to travel due to the weather. She was disappointed as well but understood. I asked if the following weekend would work for me to come but she was going to be away that weekend. We left it that we would figure out another time and be in touch.
I spent the next hour figuring out how I could make this happen. I had to work Monday and it wasn’t the best time to get away from work, but I decided if she could swing it with her schedule I would ask to take a vacation day and make the trip. I really didn’t want to miss this one!! I messaged her to see if it would work for her.
She messaged me back after her lesson and told me she had sold him that morning to someone she knew who had been looking at him for awhile. I thanked her for her time and told her it was understandable. I would sell to someone I knew first too. But still, I was soooo disappointed! I was surprised at myself how disappointed I really was. A little embarrassed even, not that I shared my disappointment with anyone, but still! What was with me?!? I felt like a little kid in my excitement and equally emotional over my disappointment.  I didn’t know whether to laugh at myself or cry. I am far too old for all that emotion. So I decided that laughter was the best response, and to be thankful I hadn’t made the six hour white knuckle drive in zero visibility on icy roads!
That brings me back to my search. I haven’t come across the one that makes my heart sing like that one did yet. But I have come close a couple of times, and I’m learning a lot about the process! I’m confident that when the time is right I’ll find my “unicorn”!!

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